Services - McKinleyville Animal Care Center

Comprehensive Exams

Our doctors recommend annual comprehensive examinations to evaluate your pet’s health. Cats and dogs are very good at hiding illness and unfortunately are unable to tell us when there is something wrong. Our veterinarians will do a nose to toe evaluation, checking your pet’s heart, lungs, mouth, eyes, ears, abdomen and musculoskeletal system. They will discuss with you what medications your pet receives, what diet they eat and any new or ongoing medical issues.

Laboratory Tests

We have the ability to analyze blood, urine and stool samples to check your pet’s general health. Our in house diagnostic equipment is top of the line, and our consultant lab has a rapid turnaround time, as well as veterinary specialists always available to our veterinarians. We do in house heartworm, salmon poisoning, viral and tick borne disease testing. Most of our fecal samples are sent out to improve our ability to diagnose multiple types of parasites, some of which are zoonotic (transmissible to humans).

Diagnostic Imaging

With in hospital ultrasound and digital X-ray, our doctors are able to quickly diagnose many common conditions, such as bladder stones and gastrointestinal foreign bodies. We can ultrasound to confirm pregnancy at day 25 of gestation and do fine needle aspirates of internal structures to identify causes of disease.

Surgical Services

We offer a wide variety of surgical services based on your pet’s medical needs.


We ask that your cat or dog be current on their vaccines through the end of their visit with us. For dogs this includes Rabies, DAP (distemper, adenovirus, parvovirus), annual Bordetella vaccine and a CIV (canine influenza vaccine).

For cats we ask that they be current on FVRCP (feline viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus and panleukopenia) as well as FeLV (feline leukemia virus) and Rabies.

We schedule trial boarding for pets that have not boarded with us before, or have not stayed with us for a long time. This ensures your pet is happy and safe with us. We schedule these visits a week before the actual date of boarding. This allows you to have peace of mind that your cat or dog will be comfortable while you are gone. We provide bedding and food, but if you choose to bring items to keep your pet comfortable, please label those items with your information. Any special diets or medications brought in will be administered according to labeled directions. We provide hospital boarding for special needs pets, such as diabetics, and these pets are scheduled on an individual basis. Your dog will be walked by kennel staff several times per day, and if your cat is friendly, he or she will receive cuddles daily. Every effort will be made to keep nervous, shy cats comfortable, including providing a ‘hidey box’ or covering the door to their room. Our kennel attendants keep a very close eye on all boarding pets and notify our doctors immediately if there are any problems.


Technician Appointments

These appointments are available Monday through Saturday during normal business hours.

Vaccine Clinic

We offer a vaccine clinic every Saturday from 12-1. This is an opportunity to update your pet’s vaccines at routine prices, without the cost of an annual exam. However, we do recommend at least one visit per year per pet, in order for our doctors to create a personalized plan for your pet’s medical care, including parasite prevention, diet, and vaccines.

Retail Store

Our store is fully stocked with items our doctors recommend to keep your pets healthy, such as dental diets, joint support medications, probiotics and prescription foods. We carry a wide variety of treats, parasite preventions, shampoos and supplements.